Business Management vs Accounting

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Business Management vs Accounting

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Business Management vs Accounting Management refers to all of the activities and activities that enable people to cooperate and direct them towards a purpose. Management is responsible for doing business and providing assistance to others. In this case, those who do business are managers, and those who do business are managed. Management directly affects the life of the enterprise. At the same time, the management of one of the two companies established will be seen better if the management is good and the management with good management will grow faster. The main functions of management are planning, organization, referral and administration, coordination and control.


The enterprises prepare a project that shows what works should be done in order to achieve its purpose, their order, time and duration, and by whom and in what ways. This bill is called planning.

Unplanned work leads to failure of the person or business. Managers have the opportunity to think in advance what they will do through planning.
– Planning has two important functions in terms of business
– Identifies the approaches and methods to achieve these goals by determining the objectives of the enterprise.
– Identifies the direction in which the business activities are going and the paths to follow.

Business Management vs Accounting
Business Management vs Accounting

Business Management vs Accounting Good planning should include:

  • The plan should be clear, valid and precise.
  • The plan should be flexible so that it complies with various internal and external environmental conditions as well as developments.
  • The plan should cover the optimal period.
  • The plan must comply with the principles and standards adopted by the business.
  • The preparation and implementation of the plan should be realized with minimum expense.
  • The prepared plan should be able to take measures against the difficulties encountered with the least loss.
  • The plan should be appropriate to the upper and lower levels of the enterprise.

Business Management vs Accounting Organization

All activities of the establishment of authority relations between the business objectives determined in planning and the works selected for reaching them and persons and work places are called organizations. The organization is important for employees to play an active role in providing them with specific goals and to work together. Nevertheless, it allows organizations to establish a link between their duties and those of their employees. There are various principles that include: unity of purpose, competence, division of labor and specialization, hierarchy, command union, responsibility, equivalence of authority and responsibility, balance principle, continuity, facilitating leadership, definition of tasks.

4. Business Management vs Accounting Dispatch and Administration: By making plans and creating an organizational structure, it is referred to act for the common purpose and is called administration. It includes activities that affect the manager’s work and inform them what to do. The manager does this in the form of orders. When the order is clear, precise, complete and logical, it positively affects the productivity of employees. The presence of a good communication network will also positively affect productivity. The main ways to work staff harmoniously should be punishment and rewarding.


Coordination is the harmonization of all activities of an enterprise in order to facilitate the work and ensure success. This situation is important according to the size of the business. It is important to combine the efforts of the employees to achieve the business. Business Management vs Accounting Ensuring that the work is carried out effectively, ensuring a regular, appropriate and conclusive communication between the employees and the equipment used is closely related to the strength and value of the coordination.

It is not enough in terms of organizational effectiveness in enterprises, individuals and departments to perform their duties successfully. If each individual and department also works in harmony with other departments and individuals, the success of the enterprise as a whole can be mentioned. Individuals should have an integrity in terms of departments and resources. Chapters, groups and processes cannot have more than one activity. For example, if the purchasing department provides timely and sufficiently necessary inputs, production opportunities increase. Business Management vs Accounting If the production can be done successfully, the marketing department gets easier. If the collection takes place uninterrupted, the purchase becomes more effective.


Audit, planning, organization, referral and management and coordination after the final process of the management process. Investigates and determines what other functions accomplish. After the audit standards are determined, the situation is measured and compared with the standards and the causes of the differences are determined and necessary corrective measures are taken. Thus, the control function is performed. The audit function is a comparison task and at least two criteria must be available to make this comparison. The first of these is the situation that should be, what is to be realized, in other words, the plans. Business Management vs Accounting It is necessary to rely on a basis for auditing and more effective inspection can be made as clear, complete and detailed plans are made.


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