Financial Qualifications

financial qualifications
financial qualifications

Hello Guys and Girls now i want add informations for financial qualifications.

Research, Financial Capability Survey, funded by the World Bank’s United States leg which is supported by the CMB. The preliminary results of the research will be taken as a criterion in determining the level of literacy level of the existing values ​​in the partnership National Strategy and Action Plan of Financial Education under the coordination of CMB. They aimed at realizing projects that were not carried out for the World Bank and were not implemented in countries and projects.

Financial Qualifications Research conducted in cooperation with the World Bank and CMB; Between April 21 and July 4, 2012, there were 12 people, 40 provinces and 142 districts in the tuik Statistical Regional Units Classification. A total of 3009 adults with a random sampling method were employed for face-to-face interviews. A conversation with him about 37 minutes is there.

Financial Competence of United States People in the Research;

  • Financial Literacy
  • Budget Management and Borrowing
  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Product Selection
  • Financial Attitudes, Behaviors and Trends
  • Socio-Economic Status of Relativity
  • Financial Information Acquisition and Need
  • and the following conclusions are reached:

Financial Literacy

The OECD has a standard module for measuring the level of literacy at the world level.

The right answer to the bed.

This rate decreases slightly.

The number of correct answers decreases regarding the combined interest rate and inflation.

Budget Management and Borrowing

Financial Qualifications Financial Qualifications The rate of saving is estimated after not being met in food and other conditions.

To make a budget plan and adhere to this plan; family and household budget, but the situation and observations of the rural and socio-economic situation. For households who manage the budget and saving money for non-accumulating expenditures, pension management makes non-compulsory expenditures. Savings have different forms of reasons. Because, for the second group, there is a tendency to borrow to pay for their condition and debts.

Financial Qualifications Family and close acquaintances are among the first cases where it is not borrowed. They live in the countryside and are clean adjectives. appropriate and appropriate income classification.

Savings in the countryside and tendency to spend in cities were high; in general, the remaining money, the highest (15%)? including emergency and non-predictive situation and health expenditures? It is deposited. The payment of the needs with the remaining money and the rate of investing in goods and goods were 4.1%.

The ratio of long-term future planners is generally low. The rate of saving for the future of household managers is higher than that of labor managers. The more you save, the more habit you have.

financial qualifications apply now
financial qualifications apply now

Financial Planning & Financial Qualifications

Households who manage the budget, residents and / or the lowest or most favorable income group. Rather and less flexible, their calculations are more rational and flexible than the guarantee scheme.

The short term is important for the meaningful. Individual trust management and the tendency to accumulate appropriate peer money are higher than household managers.

Among the old age nests of under 60 years of age; while working at a different job? strategy comes to the fore. The rate of making future plans for individual trust planers and those living in life was lower compared to those who made the household budget and the current rates.

Participants are seen in the education of investors, in general, for the future of their children. The rate of accumulation for children is no greater.

Financial Product Selection

Deposit safes and bank loans, bank risks and middle and appropriate loans.

Participants are eligible for a high cost


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